There Will be Blood

The Bakken shale formation in North Dakota holds up to 167 billion barrels of oil with over 1 percent being recoverable using current technologies.

The new study released Monday said 2.1 billion barrels of oil presently are recoverable in North Dakota’s portion of the shale formation, where oil-producing rock is sandwiched between layers of shale about 10,000 feet underground. The estimates included in the study by the state department of mineral resources are very similar to those of a federal study released earlier this month.

Ah, yes, North Dakota.

As soon as neocons are through conquering North Dakota they’ll be able to shift their military machine to the likes of Alaska, Idaho, and Wyoming; perhaps even California and the Florida Gulf Coast too. With luck they’ll defeat the latte liberal insurgencies and impose their totalitarian political systems, thereby maximizing their imperial bloodlust for oil and other raw materials. Wealthy leftists will be left clinging to their bottles of Skyy and Grey Goose.

It’s the very definition of “nation building.”

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