The NC GOP Wright Ad

Boy is this an interesting story right here in my own backyard. The flap between John McCain, the RNC and Linda Daves and the NC GOP is fascinating to watch. Below is a round up of some of the blogs covering the story. At the end I include a few of my observations.

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Sean Hackbarth
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Jenn of the Jungle has a concise, yet accurate, observation:

“This ad entitled “Extreme” released by the North Carolina Republican Party opposes Bev Perdue and Richard Moore for Governor.”

1) There is nothing racist about this ad.

2) Why did I just see John McCain apologizing for the ad on TV??????

3) Can someone buy me a fresh brick wall to beat my head against

Now for a few of my observations:

1. John McCain is doing what John McCain does — ticking off the base and making a play for moderate voters. No surprise there. Remember his “dishonest and dishonorable” take on the Swiftboat vet ads? This is nothing new.

2. The ad was rejected by one NC station with this reason given: “I think it is inflammatory…If that spot was about Senator Obama, that would be one thing. What do Perdue and Moore have to do with Barack Obama’s minister?” Inflammatory is one thing. I mean Reverend Wright does say something in the ad that requires bleeping. I don’t get the second part of the reason though. Did the Democrats not run any ads in the past tying Republicans to Jack Abramoff, or Ken Lay, or (cue Darth Vader music) Halliburton?

3. Final thought — I will support John McCain in November. He is certainly preferable to the Democrat candidates on the war in Iraq, he is pro-life, etc. I will support him, but darn I wish he didn’t make it so hard.

Seeing a presidential campaign up close and personal has been really interesting and things are only going to get more so between now and May 6th. For more on that see my column at Townhall this week, NC is Finally A Player.

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