Sowing Seeds

Last fall, Israeli aircraft attacked and destroyed a facility in the middle of nowhere in Syria. For such a significant event, remarkably little was said anywhere about it. Last October, I wrote a piece that was nothing short of speculation and fantasy that explored just what might have been the parts of that story that were going unreported.

Well, the CIA has released some details of its investigation into the matter, and I think I got quite a few of the details right.

  • It was a nuclear facility.
  • It was being built with North Korean assistance and expertise.
  • It was intended to develop nuclear weapons.
  • Syria did, indeed, have good reason to keep it quiet.

A few things I speculated about have not yet come true, but nor have they been disproven. There still might be an Iranian connection, and Israel very well might have taken away some concrete evidence of Syria’s bad intentions. The photographs released this week were obviously taken before the building was leveled, and very well might have been part of the motivations behind Israel’s attack after all.

As others far wiser and more schooled than me have observed, the revelations released this week could very well tie in to progress towards peace between Syria and Israel. Keeping a lid on the incident for this long suited pretty much everyone’s purposes, as it let a lot of words be exchanged in private and not on the world stage.

But what does this mean in the big picture?

Well, it confirms that North Korea is looking to be a pain in the ass wherever it can. No, it doesn’t have very many nukes. No, they don’t seem to be overly effective. And no, they don’t have much of a delivery system, short of sticking them on cargo ships and sailing them into their target ports.

But they seem to be looking to pick up where A. Q. Khan left off, as the new “Johnny Atomseed” of the world, finding nations that want nuclear weapons, can afford to build them, and can (for the most part) keep their mouths shut.

I believe it was once said that nuclear weapons are not good for children and other living things. That goes double for those that can trace their origins to the paranoid sociopath who rules North Korea right now.

Funny how Godless Communist dictators and Islamic tyrants can find common ground, isn’t it? One would think that would be inconceivable…

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