They Like Me, They Really Like Me!

Hey, just weeks after receiving my first threat, I’ve been singled out by Media Matters for extra special attention!

The subject is AP photographer Bilal Hussein, and his recent release from being held by Iraqi authorities.

Media Matters is typically sneering as they discuss how he was freed, and how us “warbloggers” were so utterly and completely wrong in all our discussion of him.

What their slamming is short on is facts. But that’s OK. Facts aren’t their main focus, it’s discrediting “conservative” voices. Facts would often get in the way.

The FACTS behind Mr. Hussein’s detention, as originally reported and never contradicted (to the best of my knowledge), were this:

  • He was arrested in his own home after coalition forces discovered bomb-making materials there, and bomb residue on his person.
  • He was arrested in the company of a known Al Qaeda leader.
  • He was held for some time, unidentified, until one of his guards recognized him from a picture posted on The Jawa Report.
  • At no point did he identify himself as an award-winning AP photographer, choosing instead to remain an “unidentified suspected insurgent.”
  • He was released under an amnesty law that granted absolution to people who had taken part or supported the insurgency, but had not directly been involved in killings.

But all that is irrelevant to Media Matters. They have his complete and utter innocence on an absolute and unquestionable authority — his lawyer.

I once went to one of Media Matters’ offices in DC. It was very nice. They got some serious green behind them, for the kind of digs they have and operation they run. Too bad they can’t spend any of that money on actual facts every now and then, but as I said, that would interfere with their mission statement — discrediting conservative voices.

Michelle Malkin, the primary target of their spittle-flecked scorn, hasn’t deigned to respond to them. Considering that the article was all style and no substance, I don’t blame her; she has more important fish to fry. Charles Johnson, however, gave them the kind of dismissive mockery that they so richly deserve.

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