Green Pies and Dumb Pamphlets: eco-nuts' newest weapons.

Since using facts and science doesn’t work, eco-nuts have to resort to lying and intimidation to further their anti-Capitalist agenda. The entire global warming environmental wackjob scam is really about anti-capitalism and elitism, after all. The science doesn’t measure up. Follow the cash trail and you’ll see what this really is all about.

Two eco-nuts used green pies and pamphlets as the newest weapons in the fight to intimidate anyone who doesn’t buy into the global warming scam, and unwittingly revealed the true motive (emphasis mine):

A female audience member ran on stage last night and threw a green pie at New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who had just begun a lecture on environmentalism in Salomon 101. The woman had been sitting in the south side of the auditorium’s front row when she pulled the pie out of a Brown Bookstore plastic bag that had been tucked in a red backpack and leapt out of her seat.

At the same time the woman threw the pie, a male accomplice seated a few rows back ran down the aisle and onto the stage, throwing small pamphlets explaining the actions into the crowd.

After the pie hit Friedman and splattered on his face and torso, the two jumped offstage and ran out of the southeast exit of the building, followed closely by a man trying to catch them. […]

The pamphlets thrown by the male accomplice identified the pair as the “Greenwash Guerillas,” who wrote that they were acting “on behalf of the earth (sic) and all true environmentalists.”

One side of the pamphlet contains an excerpt from a September 2006 review of Friedman’s book, “The World is Flat,” written by Raymond Lotta for the journal “Revolution,” which styles itself as the “Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.” The review is highly critical of Friedman, who the review claims cannot see his own errors while “seated in the business class of his analytical jetliner.”

The other side contains five bullet-points explaining why “Thomas Friedman deserves a pie in the face,” which include reasons like “his sickeningly cheery applaud for free market capitalism’s conquest of the planet,” and “for helping turn environmentalism into a fake plastic consumer product for the privileged.”
A pie in the face because someone supports free market capitalism? They gave themselves away without even knowing it. What’s really interesting is the whining about environmentalism being “a fake plastic consumer product”… for the privileged.

This little incident, by the way, took place at Brown — an Ivy League school. Think this wackjobs might be just a teensy bit privileged? How about the Goreacle? The celebrities who want to “go green”? Those are some pretty privileged people, wouldn’t you say? And of course, while they love to preach about the importance of stopping global warming, actually practicing what they preach is completely out of the question.

When the biggest supporters of global warming are some of the most privileged people on the planet, enjoying the benefits of capitalism daily, do they really have much room to complain?

Here’s video of the pie-throwing from Hot Air. Check out the terrible aim:

Thomas Friedman Hit in the Face by a Pie

Of course, the HuffPo loonies couldn’t be happier:

Friedman says he is a geo-green. Whether the earth is flat or round he does not care. He is no geo nor green. In fact he does not care a thing about the environment. Friedman is a neocon zionist warmonger, and will propose anything that serves that purpose.

Today a pie, tomorrow maybe something he truly deserved. This is a result of frustration to the absolute short sighted policy of greed and power that has stretched the mob to it’s edge. I predicted that this will start happening. You can’t keep stamping down legitimate policy change and not expect an eventual backlash. Hide behind your walls 2% of America and pay those security companies. It is only going to get worse. Honestly what do expect?

Ooh, would that pie had hit him square in his know it all corporate loving puss!

I second the motion that Friedman is a pompous gasbag and I too resented his stubborn and pedantic stance on the war. But, if they were my children, those pie throwers would’ve gotten a spanking. Demonstrate without wasting food. (Part of me wishes I was still young and foolish enough to do something so … goofy.)

Could not have happened to a more deserving fellow. Profiting on crap is all he is doing.

He deserves a fist in my opinion. I like to see him send his daughters to the war he promoted. He is one SOB.

Why his daughter and not him? He can get his fat ass shot off just like everyone else. I say take all of them, Wolfewitz, Pearle, Feith, David Broder and that other old coot from the NYT and all the rest who sold the f-ing war, including Friedman, and send them to the war they love so much.

Friedman was a cheerleader for Bush’s Iraq war.
The scumbag should donate his speaking fees to veterans’ groups.

You really are a clueless little authoritarian twit, aren’t you. Throwing a pie is as harnless an expression of disapproval as rotten tomatoes aimed at a bad actor or actress. These were once common demonstrations of disgust, but now in Authoritarian Amerikka, we’re not allowed to demonstrate without being corralled into invisible “Free Speech Zones” while the farthest right has hijacked every talk radio station in America and rallies millions to smear, harrass and harangue liberals, a word they have actually turned into a pejorative by sheer force of their bullying nastiness. Yet if you try to call in and point out that thatese baboons who have hijacked the entire AM radio dial and allowed to lie 24/7 by major corporations without challenge or question, you will be shouted down as intolerant for correctly describing the thugs as “rednecks.” So we haven’t seen the equal application of free speech for 15 years of redneck ruin bullying us into silence.

I have an idea to demonstrate Free Speech in its most creative sense: Let’s build and display in the public square of every city actual working replica of guillotines, using the “platform” to educate the public as to what happens when a country gives away its entire budget surplus to billionaires in tax cuts, handing out loanshark prosperity then yanking the houses from under them.

You have to have money to get your point across,you have to fly,you can’t promote your agenda from the basement of your home.These people you bumrap are trying to improve the world unlike almost all Republicans who are in a race to destroy the environment,kill all the brown people they can,ruin the economy and oh yeah ,give themselves a tax break.

Bummer. That’s cheating. No shortcuts allowed. It’s gotta be real pie if it’s gonna be a real protest.

I could go on with those for a while, but you get the general idea. If these eco-nuts really wanted to nail eco-hypocrites, though, they really should start with the king of the whole movement: the Goreacle himself.

Hat Tips: Moonbattery and Michelle Malkin

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