Getting A Few Things Off My Chest

OK, I’ve been holding my tongue on a few things because I didn’t think they’d go over too well with the Wizbang readership. But my doctor says I need to stop repressing things or I’m gonna pop an aneurysm, so I’m going to say some stuff that I’ve been wanting to say for some time.

First up, I think Eric Rudolph got a hell of a raw deal. Yes, he blew up a couple of people, but he was motivated by principle, not greed. He was taking decisive action to right what he saw as grave social injustices, and he is unrepentant to this day. Give the guy a break, will ya?

Next, I think we need to re-investigate the circumstances that led to John McCain’s five and a half years as a prisoner in Viet Nam. There are witnesses who say that McCain was not shot down by hostile fire, but landed peacefully without incident. Why he did that was unclear — was it a secret peace mission? Was he trying to defect? Did he make a wrong turn at Albuquerque? — but we really need to look into that whole “shot down” story.

Then there’s the Christian Identity movement. Yeah, they tend to have racist, xenophobic, and occasional neo-Nazi traits, but they are still Christians, and the last time I checked, we still have the First Amendment and the Freedom of Religion. Leave them alone in their little enclaves, will ya?

I’m also getting sick and tired of hearing about the plights of the inner cities. These places are hellholes, pretty much of the residents’ own making. They are an endless sucking pit of money and resources and attention, and the best thing we can do for these people is level the whole area and relocate them to less crowded, less poverty-stricken, less ghettoized, less segregated, less blighted areas.

And let’s also lay off Jack Abramoff. The guy was a lobbyist, and he did his job. Sometimes he did it better than other times, but I hardly think he ought to be locked up for that — let alone any of the politicians he lobbied.

Speaking of unjust convictions, how about “Scooter” Libby?? Why is he a convicted criminal? Why is he such a political pariah?

I’m also really mad at Rush Limbaugh. His “Operation Chaos,” when he encouraged Republicans to vote in Democratic primaries, keeping the race going in the hopes of weakening the eventual nominee. A primary is the property of the party that runs it, and should be reserved for just those registered members (and independents, if they choose to allow them) to express their sincere preferences. This kind of “monkey-wrenching,” especially when done as an organized effort, is disgusting.

OK, that’s enough for now. I think I’ve gotten my blood pressure back under control. But if it starts creeping up again, I might unload a few more ideas that ought to really tick off the average Wizbang readership.

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