Foreign Policy vs. Waffles? No contest!

Well, apparently Barack Obama can’t be bothered to answer questions about foreign policy… not when he’s eating his waffles, gosh darn it!

Maybe the Snobamamessiah doesn’t realize that when you campaign, people will ask you questions. And if he really does have such superior foreign policy knowledge and experience, then why does it bother him if he happens to be eating a waffle? What, he can’t swallow the bite he has in his mouth, answer the question, and resume eating? It should be a cakewalk for him, since he is so experienced in foreign policy. Right?

I really love how he gets so annoyed over pushy reporters. What’s his reaction going to be if he’s President and entire countries get “pushy”?

Thank heavens it was just a waffle and not some yummy arugula. What would his response have been then??

Hat Tips: Michelle Malkin and

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