Not Feeling Very Charitable…

I’ve had a rough week. I ended up pulling some hefty hours at The Day Job and Mongo decided to eat his starter motor, so I’ve been burning the old Granite Candle at both ends and am looking at the middle. So I have this idea for a posting, but lack the time and energy to fully flesh it out, so I’m going to resort to the old dodge “I’m just asking questions” instead of actually researching the full matter.

Well, we now have the tax returns of the three people who are the leading candidates to be our next president, and it’s rather entertaining. And educational.

The Democrats always claim to be the party of the common person, the little guy, the average folk (when they’re not being all bitter and clingy, that is.) So isn’t it funny how the Democrats each pulled in several million last year, while the Republican netted less than half a million?

Htey all gave decent amounts to charities, too. But I’d be interested in seeing what percentage of Obama’s charitable contributions went to his church (which he never attended whenever Reverend Wright went on one of his nutsy rants), what percentage of the Clintons’ donations went to the Clinton Foundation, and what percentage of the Clinton Foundations’s revenues went towards actual good causes? (The touchstone here is the Salvation Army, which — the last time I checked — funnels 95% of its donations into its works, with only about 5% consumed in overhead.)

Wouldn’t it also be fun to take Clinton’s and Obama’s tax plans, and see how it would affect their own income directly? After all, they both qualify as “rich” by their own standards, so they should expect a good soaking.

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