Vote our way… OR ELSE.

Here’s a tolerant post from the oh-so-tolerant folks over at the Daily Kos. Either we vote Barack into office… or it’s revolution time, baby.

The United States of America are on the brink of a major revolution. I am not talking about some fuzzy “internet revolution” or similar hogwash but the real McCoy.

I mean armed uprising, riots, civil war. The full Monty.

I know, I know, you are going to say that this is impossible, no way, I am being pessimistic etc.

This is outrageous but not surprising as the ckickens are coming home to roost and after exploiting pretty much the whole globe and now facing stiff competion of other players like China, India, and Brazil, the US corporations have resorted to the last market they have not sucked dry until recently: the American Homeland.

The people are understandably outraged and demand action (Welcome to the club. Do you now understand why all over the world American flags have been burned?). In previous elections it was easy to distract, you only had to find a big enough gotcha or push enough buttons to distract from a pressing issue. However, this time there are not enough buttons to push and by panically pushing ALL buttons hard and often this tool is being overused and backfires.

This election, and the way an Obama administration is going to perform, is the crossroads for the American Nation. Either reform or revolution. The powers to be are not going to cede their powers voluntarily. They never do. If Obama fails, there will be someone else and there is no guarantee that this is not going to be someone like Lenin, or worse, Hitler.

But after so much gloom, cheer up! Here come the good news: If the nation and people in question were anyone else but America and the Americans I would stick a fork in them.

The Americans however, have proven to be a very special people and to have the incredible ability to do the right thing (after trying all other options to quote Winston C. here). Obama is going to be the next president and you can count yourself lucky. You are probably the luckiest b*stards in the universe to have such a leader emerging then when you need him the most.

On the other hand, you should never forget what is at stake and what awaits should you fail.
Gee, how tolerant. How democratic. The people decide something that the Kos Kids don’t like, and it’s time to rebel! Show those nasty Republicans who’s boss!!

I could talk about how crazy this is, or about how indicative this is of the psyches of the insane left. But I had a different thought.

On what planet do liberals think they could overthrow us conservatives using violent force?! I mean, come on now. Which side likes guns? I mean, they tell us all the time how we’re violent, war-mongering, gun-toting, God-fearing demons. Let’s just say that they’re exactly right. We’re violent, war-mongering, gun-toting, God-fearing demons. Well, liberals, then, are peaceful, Kumbaya-singing, gun-fearing, atheist idiots. Who do you think would win in that fight, hmm?

Seriously. What would they do? Throw daisies at us?

Oh, wait, that’s right. Liberals believe in diplomacy. So they’d sit there and talk us to death. Ask us how this new American Revolution makes us feel. Try to find out our motivation for being evil violent demons. Try to talk us into being “better” Americans. Cuz, you know, diplomacy works and all.

Although, I think I’d rather take my chances with a shotgun than have to endure liberal “diplomacy” until I surrender. I mean, that’s gotta be one of the nine circles of hell.

In any case, if this guy really thinks that a revolution is what’s needed, then bring it on.

As if they’d stand a chance.

Hat Tip: Right Wing News

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