OK, Now I Understand…

For some time now, I’ve wondered how the hell Massachusetts legislators keep passing more and more restrictive laws and higher and higher taxes, yet still get re-elected. It seems to me that there has to be some kind of a breaking point where the folks finally get fed up and kick the bums out of office.

This morning, though, I think I finally have a grasp on what’s happening down there.

All the lawmakers have to do, should they get confronted with their voting record, is say “I didn’t cast that vote. Someone else voted in my name.”

Apparently, it’s a time-honored tradition on Beacon Hill, and no one has ever thought about fighting a law passed by fraudulent roll-call votes in the courts.

Either that, or the legislature’s authority to “police” itself trumps the matter.

This is the kind of thing that angers me almost as much as election fraud. To my way of thinking, any of these “ghost votes” ought to be grounds for expulsion — if the absent member arranged for someone to cast their vote in their absence, kick ’em out. If they say they didn’t know about it, find out who did cast the vote and toss them out on their ass.

But that would be too much like democracy and accountability — two terms that are pretty much taboo in the Bay State.

There are no words.
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