More from Aliza Shvarts: Ranting against the "Patriarchal Heteronormative"

Oh, boy. Here’s video of Aliza Shvarts, the girl I just wrote about earlier today, who made an art project out of artificially inseminating herself as often as possible, and then — somehow — giving herself home abortions.

Well, here’s Aliza ranting against the “institution”, and the “establishment”, the “patriarchal heteronormative”… and a lot of other crap. Try to figure out what kind of point she was trying to make, because I couldn’t figure out what she was saying. It’s the definition of talking and talking without saying a word.

Is she just the definiton of a spoiled rich brat wanting to feel important or what?!

Welcome to the modern feminist movement.

Hat Tip: American Digest

Update: Yale officials confirm that the art project is a hoax. The act of committing the hoax was the project…

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