Looking Ahead to Indiana

Click the below link for an analysis of the upcoming media/Democrat primary in Indiana.

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Indiana Democrat Primary

— Whites outnumber blacks in Indiana by a 9:1 ratio. Quite unlike various states in the deep South, whites in Indiana still make up the overwhelming majority of Democrat primary voters.

— Most of Obama’s support outside the black demographic consists of weathly liberals, Yuppies, and young and inexperienced college and grad students. Indiana, however, is a blue-collar state with less-than-average median and per capita incomes.

— Obama fares well with Democrat farmers (who by long-standing tradition are socialists), but Indiana is more urban than rural. The state’s population density is much higher than, for example, Wisconsin’s.


Clinton easily will win the state. Probably not by the same margin by which she’ll prevail in Pennsylvania (which possesses a much older demographic and more Catholics), but a hefty margin nonetheless.

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