Phelps & Co. chased off UW campus

So, it’s pretty much been established that Fred Phelps & Co. of the disgusting Westboro Baptist Church need to be eradicated from the face of the planet. No, I don’t mean someone should go kill them, but it would be a better place if they just didn’t exist.

Their newest protest? Three University of Wisconsin students who died in a fire.

A fire swept through a two-story house near the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus early Saturday, killing three students.

“It’s a tragedy that no campus prepares for,” Chancellor Charles Sorensen said. “We’ll grieve in this together.”

Firefighters arrived five minutes after the 3:32 a.m. call to find moderate smoke coming from the basement, first floor and second floor of the white duplex, university spokesman Doug Mell said.

Rescuers found two women and a man in second-floor bedrooms, authorities said. All three were taken to a hospital where they were pronounced dead.
This time, the assholes had an angry mob of UW students waiting for them. And whaddya know, the WBC asshats were chased off of campus by a mob of students shouting “Go Home!” and yelling insults (but not throwing punches).

Here’s video:

Personally, I love it. I give two very enthusiastic thumbs up to the UW students. What is there to protest about for three students dying in a fire? I mean, honestly… have they just broadened their protest-worthy funerals to “any tragic death anywhere”?

What will it take to get these idiots to just go away? That will probably never happen, but what would it take to get them to keep their crazy notions to themselves at home?

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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