Marine loses leg; returns to Iraq anyways

A Marine’s kneecap was shattered by a sniper bullet in Iraq. Ultimately, he lost the leg — and with a new prosthetic, joined back up with the Corps and is voluntarily serving in Iraq again.

He isn’t just an inspiration to his comrades in the Corps. He’s an inspiration to Americans everywhere.

On a non-important, non-Iraq note, if men wonder why women swoon over guys in uniform, look to guys like this. Because they’re bad-asses, plain and simple. They’re brave, they’re tough, and they’re willing to stand up for the country and the people that they love, even if it means dying for them. It’s not just how they look in uniform that turns us on; when we see videos like that, we can’t help but think in the back of our minds, “Dayum, I gotta get me one of those!”

Hat Tips: Hot Air, Ace and Stop the ACLU

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