A Duck Triumphant

My mother told me that I should never gloat. It’s unbecoming and immature, she said. And I’m sure she’d say it’s even more unbecoming to gloat over the deeds of others, and not yourself.

Well, I don’t care.

I don’t care that when the whole Dan Rathergate blew up, it was Kevin and Paul that did nearly all the heavy lifting around here. I did a little, here and there, (very little), and I was a part of the site when it all went down.

So I proudly present this photo:


Now, though, I have to wonder what the hell I’m going to do with six copies of this piece of trash. Yeah, I’ll keep one for myself for posterity, and I promised Kevin a copy (I’ll get it shipped out soon, boss, I promise! I just needed all of them together for the photo shoot!). I’m also saving one for Paul if he changes his mind, but that leaves three copies.

Maybe I’ll cook up some sort of appropriate contest, and give them out as prizes…

Any suggestions on the best way to dispose of these books?

And in case anyone thinks I paid good money or put money into her pockets, I picked up all six for a dollar apiece at a Dollar Tree store. They were long, long past the point where she might get any royalties.

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