Video of the Day

Here’s a disturbing video for you today — some idiot parents thought it would be a good idea to let their baby play with a cobra. A COBRA. Ace’s readers point out that, as a performing cobra, it is probably defanged, but I still call major asshattery on the part of the parents… and whoever else was standing around laughing at this obviously pissed-off cobra (check out the hood) trying to strike a baby.

Defanged my ass. That’s still just awful. Besides the actual cobra strikes to the head, why on Earth would you want your child to grow up with no fear of dangerous, deadly snakes? Not every snake you come across is going to be defanged, yet you want to indoctrinate the notion into your children from infancy that snakes are living toys??

And how lovely that the camera stopped filming once the snake wrapped itself around the baby’s neck — was it then, and only then, that the “responsible adults” decided it was time to pull the snake off? Or did they stop filming because something actually happened to the baby? I vote for — and certainly hope for — the first option. But if you’re willing to let a cobra, defanged or not, strike your baby on the head repeatedly, and then laugh about it, there’s something not right about you. These people, these pitiful excuses for parents, shouldn’t have been allowed to breed.

Oh, but wait, all cultures are equal, so clearly we should just respect this. It’s probably something our greedy, stupid Western minds just can’t understand.

Hat Tip: Ace

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