Only In Massachusetts…

A reader tipped me to this story, and I dunno how I missed it…

Where else but in Massachusetts could this happen?

In brief: the legislature gives free space for a union to hold “hearings” about how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement handled some rather high-profile raids on places that employed illegal aliens by the scads. That’s a union expressing their deep concern about the welfare of a bunch of non-union workers who illegally took jobs that could have gone to union members, by the way. And the “commission” the unions set up manages to get several prominent Democrats, including Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray to show up and “testify” about how horrible ICE was to actually enforce the laws it is charged with enforcing.

In a rare display of sanity by the government (and an even rarer glimpse of honesty by the Globe), the spokesman for ICE was asked why he didn’t send a representative — and his candid response was actually published verbatim:

ICE has refused to testify before the commission. In a telephone interview yesterday, agency spokesman Tim Counts said agents did not mistreat detainees and followed longstanding guidelines that provide for detainees’ care. He said the commission is biased, pointing out that the panel’s name is the National Commission on ICE Misconduct and Violations of Fourth Amendment Rights.

“The title of the commission speaks for itself,” said Counts, who is based in Minnesota. “The foregone conclusion of this group even before any testimony was heard is that misconduct occurred.”

This defines whole new levels of crazy. I can’t imagine anywhere else in the United States where the local government would so cheerfully endorse this sort of stupidity.

OK, maybe Berkeley, California. But where else?

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