Pot calls kettle black

Four days ago a blogger known as Amanda at Think Progress wrote the following.

During a public appearance on Saturday, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) belittled a U.S. soldier in Iraq who was following orders and wouldn’t let McHenry go to the gym without the proper credentials. McHenry referred to the guard as a “two-bit security guard”:

It has since come out that it was a security contractor, not a member of the US military that McHenry was calling a “two-bit security guard”. I don’t think that lets McHenry off the hook, and that resulted in me giving him last Saturday’s Knucklehead award.

One critic of Amanda’s blog post, is The Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb. Some of you may remember Goldfarb was one of the leaders in bringing the writings of Scott Thomas Beauchamp into question. Talking about Amanda, Michael Goldfarb wrote-

But once again, Think Progress has failed to maintain even the minimum standards of the profession.

Amanda screwed up, whether it was deliberate or not, I have no idea. This is not even her first screwup of the month. She was behind the ill-fated attempt to smear John McCain as a plagiarist, an effort that quickly blew-up in her face.

Despite Think Progress’s less than stellar record of late, Michael Goldfarb has no business accusing anyone of not adhering to the minimum standards of the profession (blogging).

One of his big “gets” in the Beauchamp affair came via the work of another blogger who he never credited. That in spite of a promise to give the blogger credit.

Goldfarb published a letter from a soldier also at FOB Falcon like Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Michael posted it to his blog at 12:52 p.m. on Monday July 23rd, however I knew about this soldier as early as the Sunday evening July 22nd. I knew of the letter Mr. Goldfarb published over an hour and a half before he even published it. How is that?

There’s a blog, Blue Star Chronicles. The blogger’s first name is Beth. While talking about the Blue Star Chronicles, I’ll use Beth’s name. Beth and I have traded a few emails over the last year or so.

That Sunday night, Beth saw one of my posts on Scott Thomas and The New Republic. She was angered by it, and said she knew someone at FOB Falcon. I wrote Beth on Sunday night.

The story says the woman was a contractor. I”d suggest you write about what you know of Falcon at your blog, and then send a link to The Weekly Standard Attention Michael Goldfarb and say you have a friend at Falcon in the header. Here’s the email-


If he or she can do any of this, even better. Drop me a note if you write anything too. I’ll link over to you.

That’s exactly the email I sent Beth, with two minor fixes to protect the identity of the soldier. Those parts are in bold. Beth replied back to me both Sunday night and on Monday morning. Beth’s Monday email, time 10:51 a.m. says;

I got this response to my email with permission to post it on the condition his name and email are not published. I prefer he not be identified (soldier’s identity deleted)- just on the outside chance someone would want to cause problems for him.

Beth posted the letter to her blog.

What I’m getting to is that Beth was the go between [So was I slightly but Goldfarb didn’t know of me at this point in time. I wasn’t and still am not looking for credit for any of this.] for Michael Goldfarb and the person at FOB Falcon. She deserved credit for assisting Goldfarb, otherwise he’d never have gotten this letter that got posted at lots of conservative blogs shortly afterward. Michael promised to link to Beth. He never did. Beth told me so in a email.


Thanks for the link from your story 🙂 Michael Goldfarb seems to have forgotten that he told me he’d link back from his story (grrrr). Oh well. I see that email is getting picked up all over the place.

What do you call a blogger who promises to link and doesn’t? Or takes material another blogger helped supply but doesn’t give credit to? A lot of words come to mind, liar is one; thief is another. There’s a third word that is a big sin in journalism – it starts with a P.

On Saturday July 28th I addressed the issue with Mr. Goldfarb. One of the replies I got from Michael is below.

I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be looking at…I don’t understand what you think I’ve done wrong, and I don’t understand how I could have stolen an email that was sent to me, but I’m not sure there’s anything more I can do here to demonstrate that I acted in good faith.

I see lots of bad faith and lies or broken promises. How about you?

Near the end of our email exchanges, Michael did change course if briefly.

I’ll meet you half way…I’ve added the link to Blue Star where the letter appeared, as perhaps I should have done when I first posted–I forgot to do so at the time, as I told Beth I would, and for that I apologize.

For a while I decided to forget the matter and Michael linked to Beth. [While all this was going on, my doctor raised concerns about some lymph nodes in my neck. I was dealing with medical issues and not the fastest on the ball]. Then after some consideration, I decided that by saying nothing I was making a deal with the devil. So I told Michael my plans to write about him.

I’ll delete the link to bluestar so you can make your case more fully.

Rather childish in my opinion. He isn’t hurting me, but Beth at Blue Star.

I stood up for Beth because she is a nice person who didn’t deserve this. Like myself (before I came to Wizbang), she was a small blogger with a not very large blog readership. We little bloggers deserve credit when credit is due. I hat tip or link bloggers very generously if they are somehow to anything I’ve written. Small blogger or big blogger, I treat them the same. Michael Goldfarb who is a paid blogger for The Weekly Standard walked all over Beth.

Michael Goldfarb criticizing another blogger for not having minimum standards is the height of hypocrisy.

Addendum – This is a condensed version of a blog post I wrote last July 31st. You can click here to read it. Goldfarb’s criticism of Think Progress, while justified, does seem to be a sanctimonious from a paid professional blogger who has demonstrated that he’s not always up to the standard he would have others comply with. I’ve got copies of all the emails that are quoted in this post. AOL automatically saves my email and I made sure to keep copies in any case….

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