Those Clinton charitable donations

Bill and Hillary released their tax returns on Friday. Much has been written about the Clintons earning over $100 million since leaving the white house. Not so much has been written about the $10.2 million they donated to charity. That’s till the WSJ examined this aspect of the Clinton tax return further.

Meanwhile, the Clintons also made liberal use of the charitable deduction, claiming $10.2 million in charitable giving over the eight years. Intriguingly, nearly all the donations went to the Clinton Family Foundation, which has disbursed only half the money. The Clintons can thus use the foundation for, er, strategic giving, such as the $100,000 it donated last year to a local South Carolina library – the day after Mrs. Clinton debated in that key primary state. There are other examples of such politically targeted philanthropy, and it’s worth noting that most of the foundation’s disbursements came only after Mrs. Clinton announced her Presidential run.

Similar conflict-of-interest questions apply to the separate William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, for which the couple has so far refused to release a list of donors. Such a list could contain more of the likes of Canadian mining tycoon Frank Giustra, who took Mr. Clinton along on a trip to Kazakhstan as a character reference, won a Kazakh mining concession, and gave more than $30 million to the foundation. The Clintons have an obligation to let voters see who their foundation donors are.

Who would ever think the Clintons would use their charitable contributions in a political way? Want to bet most of what’s not expended now would be used during the fall if Hillary won the nomination. The donor list, if it is ever released, will probably show a number of conflict of interests.

Its legal, but gives you more insight into this couple. Wonder why I voted for Obama in the Florida Democratic primary?

Hat tip- Betsy

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