This Is A Test Round Up

“Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them.”
–Paul Valery

Let’s see who can separate fact from fiction, can tell who wrote the summaries, and still have a sense of humor while at it.

  • US Torture Every once in a while I stumble across a new (to me) blog that just begs for attention. This one is filled with fantastic pictures of our ladies and gentlemen in uniform serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some of the pictures are absolutely striking. (Via KT Cats Post)
  • The Democrats Fear Tomorrow Not only in the metaphysical sense, but literally. Tomorrow, Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker will report again on the situation in Iraq. And before a session of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Petraeus and Crocker will face two of the three competitors for the presidency. (Via Lucianne)
  • Did Obama Hide His Father’s Communist Ideolory Barack Obama has written in his autobiography that he organized his life around the ideals imparted by his Kenyan father, Barak H. Obama, a Harvard-trained economist. So what were those ideals? (Via Little Green Footballs)
  • Obama’s Indonesian teachers confirm he was registered as a muslim. I actually discovered this heart-warming account of Obama’s time as a registered Muslim while living in Indonesia from a link on the Roman Catholics for Obama 08 web page. And I quote . . .”As his own campaign website and numerous media reports outline, Barack Obama is a committed Christian. He attends the United Church of Christ in Chicago and, for the record, has never been a Muslim. . .” Really??? Perhaps the good Catholics for Obama need to check their links more carefully? (Via Faultline USA)
  • Olympic Torch Used to Torch Tibetan Protesters BEIJING–A universally recognized symbol of goodwill, the Olympic torch was used to immolate hundreds of Tibetan protesters during its journey across mainland China last week, in what is being called a stirring display of competitive spirit and Chinese nationalism. (Via The Onion)
  • Chinese Authorities execute 10 million recalled toys. BEIJING–In an attempt to assure the world’s children that the millions of Chinese-made toys currently being recalled for containing toxic lead paint and tiny choking hazards can no longer hurt them, high-level Chinese officials announced Tuesday that millions of playthings are being rounded up and immediately put to death. (Via The Onion)
  • Did You Know I certainly didn’t! Gee wonder what it is we didn’t know? If you want to know. You know what to do! (Via Stix 1972)
  • Solar Scientist Says We Need MORE Co2 A scientist, David Archibald, – make that a “solar” scientist – told attendees of a Hong Kong environmental conference to “figure out ways of increasing CO2 output….Carbon dioxide is not even a little bit bad – it’s wholly beneficial.” (Via Faultline USA)
  • Every Man Should Carry A Pocket Knife Over at Art of Manliness , a cool website for any guy to check out who still has the fortitude to refer to himself as a man and mean it, I just read an article about the lost tradition of carrying a pocket knife. (Via Conservative Cowboy Conservative Cowboy)
  • Keep it going they are starting to feel it Berkeley Buckling Under Pressure from Patriots Catherine Moy, Executive Director of Move America Forward, is blogging this morning about the economic pressure on the city of Berkeley because of it’s seditious stand designed to drive our Marines out. (Via Peace Thugs)
  • Doctor Kissinger Is Wrong Again
    Sexism in the Tudor House