Liar, Liar, Pantsuit On Fire

Whoa. I am dumbstruck. Beyond that, I am absolutely gobsmacked.

Hillary Clinton has been caught telling another lie on the campaign trail.

So, Hillary’s telling bogus stories about health care nightmares. Add this in to her “landing under sniper fire in Tuzla” fabrication, her several versions of where Chelsea Clinton was on 9/11 (out jogging or watching it on TV), her staking a claim to the credit for peace in Northern Ireland, her warm embracing of Norman Hsu while he was a wanted federal fugitive, and you have more and more evidence that William Safire was right back in January of 1996, when he called her a “congenital liar.”

At times like this, I find myself saddened that events have forced a firewall between myself and one of the authors at Wizbang Blue. That worthy gentleman has an incredible skill at ferreting out and exposing political liars and fabricators and misleaders, and I’d dearly love to see him sink his tenacious teeth into these stories.

Alas and alack, the wall — much like the wall that kept the FBI and the CIA from comparing notes on terrorists before 9/11 — is inviolate, and I can not reach out to Mr. Ward and bring this matter to his attention.

Oh, well. I guess the “vast right-wing conspiracy” will have to muddle on without his assistance.

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