34% of Korean Army cadets think the US is the main enemy of South Korea

Didn’t the United States fight a war over 50 years ago to prevent the whole peninsula from over run by the communists? From the Korea Times

A poll shows that 34 percent of first-year army cadets called the United States the main enemy of South Korea, a former superintendent of the Korea Military Academy (KMA) said.

Kim Choong-bae, president of the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, disclosed a past survey of 250 KMA entrants to single out “the country’s main enemy” while serving as the military academy’s superintendent in 2004.

Kim was quoted by a newspaper as saying, “While the majority ― or 34 percent ― picked the U.S., 33 percent said they regarded North Korea as the main enemy.”

He said the result was unbelievable, stressing the respondents were those who were supposed to be military officers. The KMA did not make the result public during the Roh Moo-hyun administration, which ended last February.

Kim hinted that he had been forced not to notify the public of the result, expressing uneasiness about contents of some high and middle schools textbooks.

Citing his meeting with the 250 cadet freshmen, the military expert argued that the hostile sentiment against the “ally” is due to “inappropriate” education in schools.

GI at ROK Drop is hardly surprised by this news-

The politicization of Korean history has led directly to over half of South Korean students failing their national history exams during leftist government rule in the ROK. Now with the Korean right in control of the government they appear to be doing the same thing now by politicizing the history taught to students. With such nonsense going on in the classrooms is it any surprise why the students fail their exams and think the USA is the main enemy of the nation?

Those polled are military officers too not conscripts.(All South Korean males must do time in military) One author wrote a book that contained a scenario where North Korea eventually conquers the Korean peninsula. Sometimes I think it can really happen.

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