Help wanted: Beer drinker. Expenses paid.

Here’s the job description: you have to go out drinking with an old man twice a week for about two hours a night. You’re paid about $14 an hour, plus expenses. Yes, the beer is paid for by your employer.

A decent part-time gig if you live in the UK, it would seem – but so far, only FOUR applications have been received. That’s it. Go figure. Wish I could apply . . . would love to fill out the section about “Detail your relevant experience below” . . . Fox News has the story:

A British man is turning the tables on a night out at the bar, offering to pay someone to sit and chat at the bar while drinking beer, rather than forking over cash for the same pleasure.

Mike Hammond has posted a notice in the local post office seeking a drinking buddy for his 88-year-old father, who will take him out for drinks twice a week, the Daily Mail reports. Hammond is offering $14 per hour plus expenses, along with the promise of excellent conversation with his father, Jack, a retired engineer.

Jack recently moved into an assisted living home near Winsor, England, to be closer to his family, but is now too far away to spend time at the local pub with his old drinking buddies.

Read the rest at the link above. Seems like a noble job, offering near ideal working conditions. I hope the old gent finds suitable companionship.

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