Follow The Money — Right Down The Drain

You know, it’s starting to seem like a good thing that Bill Clinton is so good at raking in the bucks, because it looks like Hillary is just lousy at financial matters. Her campaign has been in financial trouble every other month. They have a trail of unpaid bills in their wake, including rents and health insurance premiums. Their major fundraisers have turned into a Rogue’s Gallery of knaves, thieves, con men, and — in one memorable case — a guy who was a wanted federal fugitive since before Bill’s inauguration.

Well, there’s yet another Hillary fundraising scandal. It seems that one of her big bundlers (someone who collects contributions from a bunch of sources and delivers them all, gift-wrapped with a big bow, to the candidate) is yet another “troubled” individual.

Kase Lawal of Houston, Texas (what IS it with that city lately?) turns out to be accused of stealing roughly 10 million barrels of oil from Nigeria.

(Hat tip: Hot Air, via Say Anything)

This time, though, I’m feeling a bit contrarian. If anything, this one makes me like Hillary more.

She’s won the support of someone who ripped off Nigerians? There’s gotta be some kind of “Robin Hood” exemption there. I’d not only support a sentencing break for this guy if he gets convicted, I’d be tempted to give him some kind of a medal.

Hell, Hillary ought to make him her campaign treasurer. He allegedly stole 10 MILLION BARRELS OF OIL from Nigeria? That’s enough to pay for her entire campaign — as well as Obama’s and McCain’s and Nader’s. Hell, it’s probably enough to cover the energy bills for Al Gore’s and John Edwards’ mansions for at almost two years.

Yeah, Hillary’s a nightmare. But in just this one case, let’s give her a pass.

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