Experts: No link between hurricanes and global warming

Say it ain’t so. From the Miami Herald

We’re in a busy period of hurricane activity that will inflict unimaginable damage, but global warming is not the cause, leading researchers told the nation’s foremost forecasters and other experts Friday.

Chris Landsea, a respected researcher and the National Hurricane Center’s science officer, told attendees of the National Hurricane Conference that there is no conclusive evidence that global warming has significantly enhanced or otherwise affected the number or intensity of hurricanes.

”Any trend we see due to global warming has very little impact, has caused very tiny changes and might actually be slightly reducing the activity we see in the Atlantic,” Landsea told the group, which numbered 2,100 earlier in the week, though some left before the global warming session began.


William Gray of Colorado State University, another leading hurricane researcher, called any link between global warming and hurricanes “an absolutely phony thing.

”I’m no fan of Gray. His yearly hurricane guesswork lost me ages ago and only partly due to the conflict of interest he has.

I’m a skeptic so far as global warming goes, not a denialist. The science to prove it or disaprove it is above my comprehension. We did have many hurricanes three years ago. What did cause them? I’ve been a resident or registered voter in Florida for 32 years this June.(I spent 8 of a 10 year period in the Navy living outside of Florida but stayed a registered voter here. Listing my parent’s home address for that purpose.) From June 76 to August 04 the parts of Florida I lived in were never struck by hurricane. Then we had 3 in thirteen months between Sept 04 and Oct. 05.

He noted that former vice president Al Gore’s award-winning An Inconvenient Truth, which has galvanized attention to global warming, is promoted by a book cover and movie poster that show a hurricane emerging from a smokestack — and spinning in the wrong direction, at least for residents of the Northern Hemisphere.

”So you might conclude that the hurricane science depicted in Mr. Gore’s book just might have some inaccuracies,” Landsea said.

So should Gore give back his Nobel Peace Prize?

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