State Pride

In another thread, a rather testy reader commented “Houston is the fourth largest city in the entire country. I don’t think you need to remind us that it’s in Texas.”.

The Listkeeper observed in response that “It’s Houston, Texas. It’s not a reminder, it’s part of the name.”

Well, it’s really more than that. I don’t know how other states do it, but here in Texas, we are grateful to be so blessed, and keep in mind our good fortune on many occasions, including any reference to where we live. We say “Texas” after a city name pretty much the same way the Pope says “Amen” after a prayer.

Just an observation. I can understand not wanting to emphasize, say, living in North Dakota, and some folks name their state the same way a convicted sex offender is required to inform his neighbors. But on the whole, if God likes you He lets you live in Texas, and so we tend to be grateful and mindful of that blessing.

Ah, Sweet, Sweet Justice...
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