Sex, deceit, jealousy, transvestitism, and . . . MURDER!

No, this is not a recap of recent political sex scandals. This goes much deeper – to the very bottom of the ocean, where all sorts of going’s on are going on amongst the octupi . . . as found by octopus researchers from Berkeley, and reported by the Associated Press:

Marine biologists studying wild octopuses have found a kinky and violent society of jealous murders, gender subterfuge and once-in-a-lifetime sex.

* * * * *

They witnessed picky, macho males carefully select a mate, then guard their newly domesticated digs so jealously that they would occasionally use their 8-to-10-inch tentacles to strangle a romantic rival to death.

The researchers also observed smaller “sneaker” male octopuses put on feminine airs, such as swimming girlishly near the bottom and keeping their male brown stripes hidden in order to win unsuspecting conquests.

Read the entire story at the link above. It also reveals that male octopi “go for the biggest female” they can find, which would mean a complete reversal of the protocol for human males when asked, “Does this dress make me look fat?”

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