Vengeance Is Mine

Well, I just had a little evil fun.

The other day, I wrote about Walton and Johnson, the talk-show assholes who have ripped off Pilgrim’s piece from Say Anything. This morning, I listen–ed to them online. And when they invited people to call in and rant about anything they liked (1-866-456-8395).

I couldn’t resist. I really couldn’t.

“I just wanted to talk about Hillary Clinton. After that whole mess with the Tuzla sniper story, I just want to say that that woman will Say Anything to get elected. And let me tell you, Pilgrim, if she gets elected, she will Rob us blind. And speaking of Robbing people blind, when are you guys gonna stop ripping off the Say Anything Blog and give credit to Pilgrim for his piece on Islam and the mob?”

I was cut off near the end, but I did irritate them a bit.

These thieving assholes, when confronted, chose to double down and flip the bird to those they ripped off — and those of us who called them on it.

I think I’ll keep them on my speed-dial for a little while… what was that number again?

Oh, yeah, 1-866-456-8395. And you can listen to them streaming (I’m not certain why — from what I’ve heard, they suck, and they suck hard) here.

Update: Blogger extraordinaire, Houston radio cog, and all-around psychotic Laurence Simon is on the case now, too… gee, I wonder who tipped him off?

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