This Woman Is D-U-M

In the great Democratic sweep of 2006, one of the people carried along with the tide was Carol Shea Porter, who represents New Hampshire’s “other” district. (I’m represented by Democrat Paul Hodes, who’s not quite as moonbatty.)

The other morning on the radio, the host mentioned she’d met Shea Porter at an event and happened to ask the Congresswoman her opinion on the DC guns case currently before the Supreme Court. Ms. Shea Porter reportedly told her that she sided with the district, seeing it as a matter of state’s rights, but was trying to stay out of it.

I nearly blew several blood vessels.

First up, it might have escaped Ms. Shea Porter’s attention, but we already had the fight about the supremacy of the Constitution over state’s rights — and the Constitution won. The battle was done in the 1860’s, but it took about another hundred years to get properly pounded home. But that was still over 40 years ago.

Secondly, the District of Columbia is NOT A STATE. You might have missed it, but go ahead and list the rest of the states, then count them and compare that number to the number of stars on the flag. You’ll come up with 50 and 50. So, since DC is not a state, “state’s rights” are pretty much irrelevant.

Thirdly, the District of Columbia has a governing body. It’s called “the Congress of the United States.” Ms. Shea Porter might have heard of that — she’s been a MEMBER of it for over a year now.

In other words, she’s a part of the government that is currently suing to keep its gun ban.

Ms. Shea Porter is a miracle of nature — she proves that a moonbat and a dingbat can crossbreed.

But the results are NOT pretty.

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