Thieving Scum

I have a few pet peeves. One of them is plagiarism. I have absolutely no patience or tolerance for those who take others’ work as their own. I’ve busted a few people who rip off my stuff here at Wizbang — it’s remarkable how well a “Google trap” can work. I just make sure to make up certain phrases or words or deliberately misspell a couple of words every now and then, then do a Google and a Technorati search on them after a couple of days. It works remarkably well.

Anyway, one of Rob Port’s co-bloggers over at Say Anything, “pilgrim,” is currently being ripped off. And by a fairly popular Gulf Coast talk radio show who apparently don’t give a rat’s ass that they’ve been caught.

The first thought I had was that Rob needs to post a copyright notice on Say Anything, stat. I looked for one, but didn’t find one.

Under copyright law, he doesn’t need to post the notice to hold the copyright, but it’s a damned good idea. It’d give him a bit more leverage with these assholes.

The second thought I had was that these dipshits don’t quite know what they’re dealing with. Yeah, they ripped off pilgrim, who’s a listener of theirs. And they ripped off Rob, but he’s off in North Dakota. And they say they don’t care who knows it.

But they have a platform from which to shout their grievances, one that’s caught the attention of this guy in New Hampshire — at least a thousand miles from their home base. And I have a platform, too, and I’m spreading the word as loud and as far as I can.

Any Wizbang readers who also listen to Walton and Johnson — keep in mind what they think of blogs and blog writers and blog readers, and how much contempt they have for us. And if you feel like it, call ’em up and let them know what you think of them.

Remember, you might get bleeped, so keep it clean. “Stealing scum” and “thieving vermin” and “ripoff artists” might get through, but “fucking assholes” surely won’t.

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