Will Al Gore rescue the Democrats?

Who better to make peace amongst warring Democrats than their very own Peace Prize winner? Salena Zito considers the subject for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

In a campaign year full of Lazarus moments, one rebirth that American voters will not see is the second coming of Al Gore. Not as the reluctant candidate on a white horse, saving the day at the Democrats’ convention in August. Probably not as a peace-maker between the two candidates beforehand, despite his Nobel Peace Prize.

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Another scenario to consider is an Al Gore caucus. It is brilliant, really: Lock Gore and the nearly 800 superdelegates in some “green” fire hall with a Ryder truck full of pizza and soda, and don’t let them out till the deed is done. Problem solved.

Caucuses are a beautiful thing, full of horse-trading, bossy precinct captains, and lots of animated opinions. This exercise in democracy just might make the Democratic Party a more perfect union, when all was said and done.

Read it all at the link above. Zito concludes, probably correctly, that Gore is unlikely to do anything, since “he is into being a citizen of the world right now . . . “

The super-delegate caucus idea is one being floated by Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, and would meet DNC Chairentity Howard Dean’s goal of settling the nomination by July 1st (although, as others have noticed, this isn’t much of a healing idea: it allows the bloodletting to go on for three more months).

I don’t get it. Democrats are deathly afraid their nomination will be “power-brokered” by super delegates at the convention “in some smoke-filled back room.” So the solution to that is to have the nomination “power-brokered by super delegates before the convention in some smoke-free hotel conference room,” then?

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