More "Tasering" in Florida

Yesterday, I posted a link to a video of a recalcitrant woman getting “Tasered” by a South Carolina State Trooper. Now it seems Florida uses them, too. In this case, on an 11-year-old girl. Not your typical elementary school kid, though, reports WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando:

An 11-year-old Orange County elementary student was tasered at school Thursday morning after police say she tried pushing another student into traffic.

* * * * *

Officials say when officer Hudepohl arrived she asked the student to go with her to the office and she refused, pushed Hudepohl, and then punched her in the face, causing her nose to bleed.

Deputy Hudepohl attempted to secure the student however but the student continued to fight so Officer Hudepohl then tasered the girl.

Officer Hudepohl was transported to Florida East with a possible broken nose. The student was also transported to Florida East to have the prongs from the taser removed. She had no other injuries.

Read the whole thing at the link provided. Kids sure are growing up fast these days! Why, when I was in school, we didn’t start pushing people into traffic and punching out cops until 10th or 11th grade, at least.

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