The fastest way to get Tasered

Here’s a video from a traffic stop in my county hosted by The State newspaper in Columbia. View it at the link – you’ll have to watch a 30-second commercial first.

A South Carolina State Trooper pulled a woman over, but she refused to give up her license or registration, saying, “Don’t be pressing nuttin’ on me” over and over, and insisting she’s going “to call somebody” first. Finally, after several attempts, he arrests her. She still refuses to comply, so he Tasers her. Almost as soon as she hits the ground, she begins repeating, “Lawsuit, lawsuit.”

It took this idiot just over four minutes from the time the officer asked for her license to get the jolt.

Some of the newspaper commenters believe he should have called for back-up instead of hitting her with the Taser, but they don’t understand this is a very large rural county. Generally only two Troopers are on duty on any given shift, covering opposite ends. Getting the other one over would be a 15-20 minute wait, assuming he wasn’t on a call or stop himself (not to mention leaving his duty area uncovered). The local Sheriff or City Police would have been happy to back up a Trooper in an emergency, but this wasn’t, and they operate under similar manpower constraints. No, just because one woman doesn’t comply with lawful orders is no reason to put other citizens at risk by calling out every cop in 20 miles.

She’s just lucky they use Tasers these days. The alternative would have been a nightstick.

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