"Fitna" is still available

Yesterday Melissa linked a story about how video-hosting site Live Leak, known for its advocacy of freedom of speech, had decided to pull the short documentary film Fitna by Dutch politician Geert Wilders due to direct threats on their staff.

Some have speculated these threats may have come from Islamic extremists, but others proclaim Islam as a religion of peace and believe there is just no way a Muslim would get violent.

In any event, Pat Dollard has a copy. You can watch the 17-minute documentary there and, since Dollard is hosting it himself, it will stay. The man is armed and dangerous, so if any of you gutless pedophile terrorist types want to look him up, be sure to shave your ass first.

WARNING: Dollard and other posters and commenters at the site aren’t as polite as I am, so their comments on the situation contain some raw language.

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