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What do you mean Puerto Rico can change its Democratic primary date without losing delegates?

The Democratic Party on Monday approved Puerto Rico’s proposal to scrap its caucus and hold a presidential primary on June 1.

A primary will give more voters a chance to take part in the nominating process, said Puerto Rico Democratic Chairman Roberto Prats…

Puerto Rico will have 55 delegates at stake in its primary, and will award them proportionally.

While Florida and Michigan delegates won’t be seated at the convention. It is a screwed up Presidential election system we have in this country.

Matthew Shugart at Fruits and Votes makes several good points

Fifty five delegates is one more than South Carolina and two fewer than Iowa. I wonder how the number is chosen, given that the formula in states (and the District of Columbia) takes into account the state’s tendency to vote Democratic in the general election. Puerto Rico, of course, does not vote in general elections for President.

So, after about 95% of the elected delegates have been allocated, a territory that is not technically part of the United States gets to change its rules so as to give more of its voters a theoretical chance of determining a presidential candidate that they would have no right to vote for.

Is this a great party, or what?

No it is isn’t a great party. The Democratic party has one very screwed up system in place. One, that with the help of Hillary Clinton’s desperation tactics, could end up blowing the 2008 Presidential election. One the Democrats should have every reason to believe is theirs for the winning.

Hat tip- Dr Steven Taylor at Poliblog

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