Money Well Spent

Here in New Hampshire, we haven’t had an execution in about 70 years. We still have the death penalty on the books, though, and right now two cases are working their way through the system that could end up putting the defendants on death row.

New Hampshire’s capital punishment law only applies in certain circumstances, but we happen to have one of each right now. James Brooks is accused of commissioning the murder of a handyman he suspected had stolen from him, and Michael Addison faces charges he shot and killed a Manchester police officer.

It’s expensive, though — our Attorney General is hitting up the legislature for additional money to prosecute the cases. If Ms. Ayotte gets her funds, the tab for these two cases will be close to $1 million.

It’s a hell of a lot, but I think it’ll be worth it. Especially if it means that we won’t be taking the chance of inflicting our problems (and our scumbags) on other states, like Massachusetts does.

Here in New Hampshire, we believe in taking out our own garbage. It’s that kind of attitude that played a part in CQ Press naming us both the safest and most livable state.

And I think I can safely promise that should Mr. Brooks and/or Mr. Addison be convicted, they will not be released any time soon.

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