Hillary: No more Mister Nice Guy

Barack Obama has raised more money from more donors than Hillary Clinton, but most of his donors are smaller, and only give money to him, not other Democratic candidates. Hillary is connected with the big money establishment of the Democratic Party, whose influence has been dispersed somewhat with changing campaign finance laws. But they still have a lot of money to give to various Democratic PACs and campaign committees, and that money still talks.

A group of top fundraisers have written Speaker Nancy Pelosi, protesting her recent remarks tacitly endorsing Obama and demanding a more balanced approach. Greg Sargent has the story for TPM Election Central:

Twenty top Hillary fundraisers and donors have sent a scathing private letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, chastising her for publicly saying that the super-delegates should support the winner of the pledged delegate count and demanding that she say that they should make an “independent” choice.

I’ve obtained a copy of the letter, which comes from some of the most influential fundraisers in the Democratic Party, including Hassan Nemazee, Steven Rattner, Maureen White, Stan Shuman, and Alan Patricof.

Here’s a key excerpt: [AT LINK]

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The letter also contains an explicit reference to the fact that these donors have contributed heavily to Democratic causes, and demands that Pelosi clarify that the role of the super-dels is to make an “independent” choice between the candidates:

Read the whole post and the entire letter at the link above. All Democratic Senators and Representatives are super delegates, as are also many other party officeholders who need campaign funds. The message is clear: those siding against Hillary risk our fundraising help.

The message comes from the big money. Will Democrats prefer cold, hard cash, or hope and spare change?

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