Kids These Days…

Well, Cassy certainly wins the crown for the dumbest kids these days, with the story of the two boys who tried to hold up a police station in Florida. (Bill, how did she get the jump on you for this one?) But I got a runner-up. Natch, he’s from Massachusetts.

Maybe “dumb” isn’t quite the term for my guy, though. “Precocious” might be a little fairer.

I mean, usually people wait until they’re at least high-school-age before they get all liquored up and start tooling around in a stolen car. In Quincy, Massachusetts, this little daredevil was barely 13.

The boy in question is in custody, facing charges including resisting arrest, receiving stolen property, driving while under the influence of alcohol, impersonating a Kennedy, and leaving the scene of an accident

I’m trying to imagine what my parents would have done had I been caught at that age driving drunk in a stolen car. I think I’d have been begging for the cops to keep me locked up.

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