How Much Is Enough?

No one likes sad stories. No one likes tales of people who suffer great tragedy in their lives. And no one likes hearing about those who have suffered that tragedy undergoing even more difficulties.

But this story… I have to rein in my heart strings and say “we’ve done enough. I’m sorry your life sucks so badly, but sometimes that happens.

Short version: Mexican woman illegally brought to the US as a child gets into a motorcycle accident and nearly dies. An American hospital saves her life, does all it can, then transfers her to a Mexican hospital. That hospital — considerably less capable than the American one — dumps her on another, which sends her to the home of a distant relative.

Many in Mexico are extremely upset at the American hospital for not keeping her and continuing her treatment.

St. Joseph’s Hospital And Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona took her after the crash. They treated her broken back, broken arm and leg, and collapsed lung — among other injuries — and kept her until her bill reached almost half a million dollars.

As an illegal alien, Ms. Velazquez had no insurance, so no other US hospital would take her. But hospitals in her native Mexico would take her, so St. Joseph’s spent one last chunk of money and chartered a plane to fly her there.

Mexico has universal health care — the sort of thing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to give all of us. If you’re curious about how well it’s working out there, go and read the full article. Phrases such as “26-hour ambulance ride” and “infection” and “stopped breathing” jump out at me.

The hospital has already written off the $478,000 and change they invested in her care. It’s about 3% of the $17 million they wrote off last year — that amount covers Americans, legal aliens, and illegal aliens.

But many Mexicans are unhappy about her treatment. They think St. Joseph’s should have kept her longer, given her more treatment, and helped her recover further before discharging her.

Oh, and they shouldn’t have sent her back to Mexico, either.

I find myself wondering that, if they are so concerned about her care, they would be willing to pay for it. I’m sure St. Joseph’s would appreciate even a few pesos for all the care they did give her.

Like that’s gonna happen.

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