"But I really LOVE hominy, officer!"

An American high school student was arrested in El Paso after attempting to enter the United States with six jumbo cans of hominy and hot peppers – which were actually stuffed with marijuana. The Associated Press reports:

It didn’t look quite right to federal agents when the high school student strolled into the U.S. border crossing while carrying six enormous cans of vegetables.

After agents took X-rays of one can, their suspicions were confirmed. It turned out the industrial-size containers of hominy and jalapeno peppers actually were stuffed with 25 pounds of marijuana, agents said.

Read the rest at the link above. “Sure, that’ll work! Six five-pound cans of hominy and serrano peppers – no one will wonder why a 17 year-old girl would be bringing those back from Mexico!”

Too bad they couldn’t just switch her cans out for some genuine vegetables – that would have made for an interesting reunion with her friends . . .

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