Obama Is A Mac Daddy

Tired of all the hoopla surrounding Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barak Obama? Pastor James David Manning, PhD. of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem has an entirely different take on Barak Obama.

Here’s the quotable part…

Obama is a mac daddy. Obama pimps white women and black women. He got started – you didn’t notice him until he brought out those big chested white women with their tight t-shirts and their short pants! That’s what a pimp does! Ahhh come on!! You don’t get your campaign started with a big chested white woman! She must be a 54 D! Double D! And a pair of shorts on. That’s what started his campaign! He put his name on two big 54 D’s! Obama!! That’s where you first saw his name! That’s the first place I saw it, on two great big ol’ tits! He’s a mac daddy! He pimps white women and black women! Obama is a long-legged mac daddy!

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