Train Wreck

Depending upon how the Democrat “superdelegates” split their votes — and that too will fall largely along racial and gender lines — there is the distinct possiblity of a complete deadlock in Denver.

Clinton’s backers include various “dirty tricks” merchants, such as Rendell, Torricelli and Villaraigosa.

Obama’s supporters include the airheaded liberal media and stupefied liberal college and grad students.

Labor unions are divided over whom to support — largely along income, racial and gender lines. Ironic, huh?

The media/union/Democrats have been defeated in seven of the past 10 presidential elections. They’ve not won a majority of the popular vote since 1976. With George W. Bush having been in office over much of the past decade leftists quite literally have gone insane.

All of which raises an important question, doesn’t it?

This year’s Democrat presidential nominating convention will be most akin to which of the following?


* * *

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