How Japan fights global warming

Shorter baseball games.

TOKYO (AFP) — Japanese professional baseball players have vowed to shorten playing time per game as part of the national pastime’s contribution to the fight against global warming.

They will aim to cut playing time by six percent, or 12 minutes, from the average of three hours and 18 minutes per game, the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) commissioners’ office said.

“When a professional baseball game is staged, a huge amount of carbon dioxides, a cause of global warming, is discharged because it requires use of energy to move players and spectators, supply electricity for lighting and other purposes and dispose of food and drink waste,” NPB said in a statement.


“By taking the initiative in preventing global warming, the baseball world aims to enlighten fans and promote joint action among clubs, players and fans to prevent global warming,” Monday’s statement added.

By reducing playing time by 12 minutes per game, the NPB estimates this year baseball will be able to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 209 tonnes over 864 games.

NPB, which has 12 clubs under its wing, said it will buy carbon emission credits to make up for a shortfall under the target.

Good idea and lets stop the 2008 Presidential campaigning. All that flying around the country has to be creating lots of hot air. All the candidates should pledge to do their races by commercials only. What do you think?

In all seriousness, my father used to think the energy crisis of the 70’s(Remember those) was a bunch of hokum. One of his reasons being if we need to save energy, night-time sporting events would be curtailed. All that energy needed to light a ballpark seems like a waste. Wouldn’t we need to cut back this to fight global warming too?

Just an idea late on a Saturday night. Hat tip- Japan Probe by the way of ROK Drop

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