Must be the new math

Take the year 2008
Minus 196?(The year of my wife’s birth. Which is the same as mine)

and you get 50 or older. Some how AARP has either flunked math or a database has my wife’s year of birth in the 1950’s. Today she got a AARP membership card in the mail.

I was expecting this to happen one day but not so soon. Even if she was 50, the membership card would get tossed by dear wife in all likelihood.

Now if we can only stop getting mails in Spanish. Leonita(my wife) and my mother-in-law(Conchita) because of their spanish names get mistaken for Hispanic. They are Filipino and speak little or no Spanish. My MIL has been mistaken for Hispanic, Leonita for Chinese.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World I tell you.

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