Barack Obama: Strictly An Amateur

Quite a few people are talking about The University of Chicago Hospital’s remarkable windfall. It was the beneficiary of a $1-million-dollar earmark from Senator Barack Obama. Coincidentally, this happened just shortly after one Michelle Obama (who, I believe, is somehow connected to Senator Obama, but not a blood relative) was promoted to vice president of community affairs and given a $200,000/year raise.

That’s a hell of a return on an investment — give the lady some bucks, get back five times as much.

Of course, that’s just penny-ante stuff. The Obamas are pikers compared to Hillary Clinton. She parlayed $1,000 into almost $100,000 investing in cattle futures. All it took was arranging for her investment buddy to bundle her money with his and absorb all the losses, leaving her money to rake in all the profits.

Nice deal if you can get it.

And even that is dwarfed by Bill Clinton’s mad investment skills. garnering millions and millions from shady characters around the world, from Dubai to Kazakhstan to Indonesia. In fact, the Clintons have managed to go from debtors when they left the White House to a net wealth of around $35 million.

THAT’S how things are played in the big leagues, Senator Obama. That is what you are expected to be able to pull off when you’re a contender.

$200,000 for a $1,000,000 earmark? Please. That’s the sort of thing we expect from someone like Representative William Jefferson (D-LA), not the leading Democratic presidential candidate.

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