Is there some kind of dress code for these things?

Lawhawk at A Blog for All notes the similar clothing worn at press conferences given by disgraced Northeastern Democratic Governors.

Who provides fashion tips to disgraced Democrat governors of Northeastern states and their wives? (HT: Mrs. Lawhawk)

The fact is that the Spitzers and McGreeveys are both wearing virtually identical outfits, and it begs the question what message were they trying to make? Is this now the official uniform of disgraced Democrat governors? It certainly seems that way.

Maybe the Spitzers and McGreeveys do their shopping at the same stores. If one more instance of this happens, then we can become suspicious.

This reminds me of a South Florida wardrobe malfunction we had last year. More underneath the fold.

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South Florida’s version of a wardrobe malfunction.

Two female Florida weather forecasters, at different Miami television stations, but both wearing identical dresses! Alex at SOTP writes

“Well, we make the same bad weather predictions, so may as well wear the same clothes while doing it”.

Steve Owen also writes

If you want to do morning weather, you better get the uniform. So much for having your own style. Ouch.

Funny thing is, my wife used to have a dress just like that in the photo. But some 10-15 years ago! Darn, she could have been a television weather woman too.(I may add Dear wife is prettier than the two women pictured. She got a kick out of the photo when I showed it to her.) There must be some kind of contractual agreement requiring them to all wear the same clothes. Isn’t this a great state or what!

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