I went back to the oncologist today to get my results.

Good news- My bloodwork and Chest X-ray were good, one of the three brain tumors looks to have been destroyed.

Bad News- The other two brain tumors are still there(but smaller). They aren’t operable. Having surgery to remove brain mets from malignant melanoma can be compared to the mythological being the Hydra. Cut one out, two more are likely to grow back in.

What’s next? My doctor is looking to get me in a clinical trial. A combination of chemo and immuneotherapy but first I have to be off my latest chemo for at least four weeks. There is a clinical trial starting in Tampa next month. That’s a 3.5 hour drive for me, but flying would be almost as time consuming.(North Carolina is another possibility for a clinical trial) I’m not ruling out flying for treatment.

The news has been feeling a little down. I should consider today good news, but I know the reality of survival for MM patients with brain mets. See where I go from here or one day at a time.

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