American Idol – Top 12 Week


Sure it’s a guilty pleasure, but you probably watched some of the top 12 American Idols nail Beatles songs and others massacre them on Idol’s Lennon/McCartney week. Here’s our breakdown of the top twelve performances.

    The Stars!

  1. Carly Smithson
  2. David Cook
  3. Brooke White
  4. The Almost Famous

  5. Jason Castro
  6. Chikezie
  7. Amanda Overmyer
  8. The Ho-hum’s

  9. Michael Johns
  10. Syesha Mercado
  11. Ramiele Mulubay
  12. The WTF’s

  13. David Hernandez
  14. David Archuleta
  15. Kristy Lee Cook

Once you’ve seen all the performances feel free to rate your top performances, argue our choices, or generally discuss the show.

David Hernandez’s story about working in a pizza joint was pretty humorous given that he was a male stripper in a gay strip club right before auditioning. His performance bodes well for a quick return to the stripper pole. Most people’s pick to waltz his way to the title David Archuleta, was saved from producing the bomb of the night only by a truly horrifying Kristy Lee Cook performance. She’s going to need to go the wardrobe malfunction route pronto if she wants to hang around…

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Embarrasing Idol picture of the week:


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