The Times Square Bombing: What's The Big Deal?

I’ve been catching news about the bombing at the military recruitment center in New York City off and on all day, and I have to find myself wondering: why all the fuss?

By all indications, this was a crude, home-made bomb.

No one was injured.

No one was even threatened with injury.

The damage wasn’t really that severe, and there’s always insurance.

I hope the NYPD and the FBI, who are handling the matter, don’t respond hastily or disproportionately. That could only perpetuate the cycle of violence.

Further, a firm response on their behalf could cause great damage to the peaceful resolution of the conflict between the military and those opposed to the war. And that is most likely what the bomber intended.

Naturally, I condemn the act of the bomber, but I don’t want to play into his hands by calling for serious consequences for the bombing.

I think we need to condemn the bombing, but we also need to keep in mind the provocations committed by the FBI, the NYPD, and the US military. Only by addressing these root causes can we put an end to these kinds of bombings.

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Whoops… my bad. I was reading from the wrong book. That is the standard response when the Palestinians fire another series of rockets into Israel, not when some dipshit bombs a US military recruitment office.

Sometimes I get things confused…

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