Lamest news article of the day

This may be the dumbest and most useless article I read since the AP article on the contents of Karl Roves garage.

(Reuters) – President George W. Bush may have given presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain the royal treatment at the White House on Wednesday, but the two men did not exactly have a meal fit for a king.

McCain, an Arizona senator, picked up the president’s endorsement for his candidacy while dining on something simple: a hot dog.

“He said he was having a hot dog, so I had a hot dog,” McCain, referring to Bush, told reporters on his campaign plane during a flight to Florida.

So does a hot dog taste any different when it’s prepared in the White House?

“It tasted pretty much the same to me,” McCain said.

No mention is made if the hot dogs were covered in mustard, relish, or ketchup or any combination of the three. How dare Reuters leave out that important information!

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